K3 and its trading subsidiaries Knightsbridge, KBS Corporate and KBS Corporate Finance are a leading group of business and company sales specialists serving a broad spectrum of sectors. The Group adopts different sales methodologies depending on the size of opportunity, these include Corporate Finance, Business Brokerage and Business Transfer.

K3 offers a highly visible and effective online presence, a tried and tested operations model and a proprietary CRM system to facilitate successful sales across all group companies.

Corporate Finance Market

KBS Corporate Finance operates in the SME sector of the market. This market is highly fragmented and serviced by a high number of regional, national and international accountancy firms, M&A advisory and corporate finance boutiques. The Group has carved a niche in the higher volume/lower enterprise value end of this market through its client acquisition strategy. The Group’s success is demonstrated by its numer one position in the 2017 Thompson Reuters Small Cap M&A Review, which was retained in the 2018, published in January 2019.

Business Brokerage Market

This market is mainly serviced by regional and national brokers as well as accountancy practices servicing their local market. A typical broker provides services to SME owners who are looking to identify a buyer for their company in order to affect an exit strategy. Generally, this market services businesses with an enterprise value of less than £10 million.

Business Transfer Market

The Business Transfer Market is highly fragmented with a high number of local, regional, national and sector specific operators across the UK. The service utilises a range of high volume advertising methods to facilitate a change in ownership. These providers would typically operate within sectors such as retail, catering, licensing and leisure, care and small commercial.

How we work

KBS Corporate and KBS Corporate Finance brands specialise in corporate and commercial businesses looking to sell to trade buyers, investors, private equity, buy side advisers and MBI candidates. The Knightsbridge and Knightsbridge Commercial brands covers a broad range of market sectors, including small commercial, retail, catering, licensed and leisure, care and franchising.

The Group’s core direct marketing channels generate new business appointments each month and highly trained and experienced teams present the service offering together with case studies and examples of the high quality sales presentations that can be prepared for the prospective client. Following the appointment, prospective KBS Corporate clients receive a 40+ page, colour and personalised proposal which highlights the client’s corporate structure, USPs, financial summary, recent M&A activity in their sector and fee quote.

A differentiating factor for K3 has been the ability to offer its clients an all-inclusive, fully contingent legal service within its terms of business. This is facilitated through nominated legal partner relationships. The arrangement provides K3’s clients with specialist corporate and transactional legal advice from a reputable national provider, whilst ensuring a streamlined transaction fee payment process for K3 through a trusted and longstanding arrangement.

Once mandated clients are segmented into one of the Group’s branded delivery platforms, subject to sector, enterprise value, perceived deal complexity and fee structure. K3’s operations departments then deliver a structured process supported by proprietary technology. K3 has a multi-channel approach to buyer identification incorporating traditional research, proprietary buyer matching software and extensive use of portals and utilisation of an international professional network.

Non-disclosure agreements and buyer enquiries are processed into buyer meetings from which offers are derived and negotiated on the client’s behalf, resulting in completed transactions.